With our star excursion we invite you to visit the Bay until you reach Cap de Formentor. During these 4 hours we will see remarkable places such as the international and already well-known "Fortaleza" known for the filming of several television series, we will pass through "Caló" and then head towards the island of Formentor where we will enjoy its beaches and see the very important and prestigious Hotel Formentor, as well as visiting the Formentor cave. Next we will go to Cap de Formentor where we will visit different coves, such as Cala Murta or Cala Engossalba, each with its own personal charm. Once in Cap De Formentor we will be able to appreciate the emblematic lighthouse of Formentor. Throughout the tour we can enjoy two or three refreshing baths, accompanied by a snack and drinks. All this accompanied by our skipper who will give you information along the way.

Available boats


- Skipper

- Snorkeling masks

- Paddle board

- Drinks




Port of Pollensa